It’s the Black Friday blog post you’ve all been waiting for! Well, those of you that have been waiting for gift ideas from an American expat originally from Georgia who lived in France is and now living in the capital of West Africa, that is. I’m sure that market must just be huge, right? So here it goes… My Black Friday shopping recommendations.

For the one learning the French language, and enjoying a little nibbling and browsing along the way…

Click the image to buy on

For the one who wants to understand the French. Oh, how I wish I’d had this book when we lived in France! When to tu and when to vous and when to bise, what to do when you’re invited to have apéritifs, a meal, a visit to the family home, a wedding…

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For the stylish one

Click the image to shop Jenny’s eco-felt accessories
Djiby delivering some of his handiwork

View the new Malika Monkeys catalog here. (Hey, wait a second! Who’s that cute little guy on the cover?!)

For the one who loves cute bags and clothes in bold fabrics…
Start with Djiby’s designs using African wax prints on pages 5 to 7. Also, check out his selection of baby gifts.

For the one who loves unique household decorations
made of carved hardwoods or wrought iron…
Start with pages 8 to 16.

For the one who loves handmade up-cycled jewelry (me! me!)… Start with pages 3 and 4.

If you’re in the US, you can also buy select Malika Monkeys items from Andando.

Finally, for absolutely everyone on your list (naughty or nice)…

Click to shop RLPCo’s line of Christmas cards – with very reasonable international shipping rates!

PS – Any bargain hunters should head over here. A little birdie told me that Stephanie has got a HUGE doorbuster sale. But again, this is only for people who like discounts and give-aways.