Long-arm family photo! Hmm… maybe not such a great idea.
Picture 16
Grab a photografriend and have her take a couple. Everyone give a half-hearted smile and say ‘Meh…’
Picture 12
Okay, okay – now we’re getting somewhere! Well, 2 out of 3 of us…
Picture 14
“What’s that? You have an idea? Tell me…”
“Grabbing my ears so you can come in for a kiss – I should know this trick! (Did your Dad teach you this one?)”
Picture 13
Aww man! It was worth a try… I guess I could just calm down and smile nicely now.
Or not. I'm gonna just smack 'em both in the face instead. Say cheese!
Or NOT! Just gonna smack ’em both in the face instead. Say double-cheese!

Impromptu photo shoot by the lovely Jenn.