You will need:
– dusty floors
– a mop cloth
– water
– toddler (optional)

First, wait for Harmattan dust to blow in from the desert. Oh good – here’s some now…


Wet the mop cloth and place it on the floor.

Stand on the cloth with your feet shoulder-width apart.

With a gliding motion, slide your feet forward one at a time to mop up the layer of dust that has accumulated astonishingly fast and thick.

You can either use long, sweeping movements or more of a hurried shuffle. This workout is very adaptable to your personal preferences.

Mop every room, rinsing out the cloth occasionally. (Try not to gag at the amount of dust filling your sink as you think about how much you’re breathing in and ingesting.)

For added cardio benefits: carry toddler in your arms while mopping.


For added challenge and frustration: toddler will try to sit on the mop cloth. (Why? Toddler only knows.)


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