“It happened to my friend.”

You know what, it may very well have happened to your friend. Or my friend. Or even me! I’m not saying these incidents never happened, or that they haven’t happened multiple times… but I am saying that we’ve heard these stories from a couple people in different variations.

(As we sat around coming up with this list, I realized that, if true, they could cast a pretty ugly light on life in West Africa. I’m happy to say that I think that’s part of why I have doubts about them!)

What do you think? Any truth behind these urban legends of West Africa?

Dirty money
This guy my friend knows took one of the super nasty CFA bills back to the US. He had it tested in a lab and the results showed that the money was over 70% feces!

Picture 2

No flies on you.
When you buy meat at the market, the swarming flies will probably gross you out. But don’t buy the meat that has no flies on it! My friend asked one of the vendors how he kept flies off his beef and the guy pulled out a can of bug spray that he sprayed over the meat!

Shake a leg
My friend told me about an amputee on crutches who showed up one day on the corner by their house/in front of the mosque and started asking for money from cars and passersby. But then one evening when he was heading home, he put his foot down and just walked away! The whole time he’d been standing there with one leg bent and hidden under his boubou…

The plat du jour
That restaurant over there? This couple we know went there one time. They said the food took forever to show up. Actually, they said that when they arrived there was a chicken/rabbit running around the courtyard. But then it disappeared. They waited and waited, then the plat du jour finally showed up and it was chicken/rabbit!

There goes your Rolex.
Don’t hang your arm out the window! If thieves downtown see your watch/wedding ring, they may cut off your hand/finger to steal it. It happened to this guy my friend knows.

And your phone.
Oh, and don’t talk on your cell phone and hold it in your right hand when riding in taxis. Thieves can reach in and grab it more easily. My friend told me…

MOST POPULAR: Out of stock
One day my friend went to the grocery store and, you won’t believe this, but they had graham crackers/Diet Dr Pepper/Phildelphia cream cheese! I’ve never seen that in stores here. So anyway, my friend bought a bunch, then told the store employees how happy she was to see it. My friend went back the following week and they were all out. She asked the manager when they’d be getting more in and he said they wouldn’t because it was too popular and too hard to keep on the shelves!

What about you? Have you heard these urban legends or have others to add? Did it happen to you or a friend?