On a cool 68°-morning like this one, the scent of incense wafting up from our neighbors’ apartment is charming. In hot season, it drives me bonkers as I think about the hot coals increasing the already roasting air temperature. (Dramatic, me? Never.)

On a cool morning like this one, I snuggle under my comforter+blanket and listen to the birds sing. In hot season, all I seem to hear* is the incessant car horns from traffic below as I kick the sheets off as far as possible.

On a cool morning like this one, I watch Pape pad around in footie pjs with polar bears on them and think, “Awww…” In hot season, I let him run around in a diaper all day. That’s not quite true. He also wears a layer of white powder to fight heat rash.

On a cool morning like this one, I open my closet and everything from my American jeans and hoodie to my Senegalese wax print skirts that hit my ankles are calling my name. In hot season, I’m jealous of Pape’s attire.

On a cool morning like this one, when a friend drops by, I calmly offer, “Coffee?” rather than frantically hunting for something iced or frozen to serve.

On a cool morning like this one, I think of delicious breads and sweets I could bake. In hot season, I try to think of ways to go four months without turning on that heat box called an oven.

On a cool morning like this one, I think of all the fun places we could go… Ngor Island, to have lunch with Demba, the Surf Shack. In hot season, I invite people to church and be sure to mention, “And it’s air-conditioned.”

On a cool morning like this one, I ride across town and take in the colors, smells and life around me. In hot season, I sit awkwardly trying not to stick to the car’s vinyl seats.

My point is this: I love cool season. This week has been exactly perfect with its cooler days and chilly nights. My heart practically sings when we go out and I soak up living here. I can’t even express how much I love Senegal right now. I’m trying to soak up enough of this sweet cool goodness to sustain me through next hot season.

* I mis-typed ‘heat’ for ‘hear’. It really affects my brain and my mood, eh?