Picture 1

As told to reporters by Pape, the 18-month-old on the scene.

“I don’t know how they would have gotten out without me, really. I mean, my dad and these two guys tried with screwdrivers, hammers and a power drill. But it wasn’t until I showed up with my IKEA tool kit from Mimi and Appa that the door finally popped open and we were freed. Of course, Shawn the Giant did arrive at about the same time as I did… but that’s just coincidence, I’m sure.”

So, after the shower hose breaking and phone not working this morning, we got locked in our apartment. When we moved in, we had an iron security door installed. Today the lock in the door broke, so we were able to test out the door’s strength. Just fyi… it works. No getting through that beast. We would have had to cut through A LOT of metal to get out.

(NB: I am super claustrophobic and started mini-panicking immediately. I am so, so thankful that Cheikh was home with us or I might have lost it completely.)

Even with two guys on the outside working with us on the inside trying to figure out a way to drill or pry it open, it wasn’t budging. We called the guy who built it, but no answer. So, of course, we called Shawn, thinking he probably had a ‘door guy’ or a ‘break into people’s homes guy’ or something in between.

Apparently, he’s the something in between. Although he brought along one of his ‘fix-it guys’, the door wouldn’t open no matter what they tried. Until, that is, Shawn decided to just push the door HARD towards the frame to see if the lock would catch. (Which had been tried before, but I guess when you’re, um, Shawn… things move for you differently.) The lock caught aaand…


I’ve never been so happy to see a door swing open.

Happy ending part deux: Since Cheikh has to go to the hardware store to buy a new lock mechanism, he’s also going to buy all this bits and bobs we need to wrap up a couple other household projects. Housewife five!