Photo by Jenn DeAtley, co-founder of #15senegal
Photo by Jenn DeAtley, co-founder of #15senegal

Today’s the day! Well, tomorrow is the day it all begins. But today is the day we announce the list of daily topics for the 15 days of Senegal photo challenge!

You can get all the information here or on our Facebook Group Page.

Feb 1: traffic
Feb 2: red
Feb 3: sweet or savoury
Feb 4: growth
Feb 5: feet
Feb 6: time
Feb 7: darkness
Feb 8: scent
Feb 9: words
Feb 10: freshness
Feb 11: children
Feb 12: architecture
Feb 13: movement
Feb 14: 10 o’clock
Feb 15: joy

I wanted to answer a couple questions that have been asked.

Q: I don’t have a fancy camera. Can I post pictures from my phone?
Absolutely. This isn’t a photo contest (although that is a fun idea as well…), but a photo challenge. The goal is to stretch ourselves a bit and enjoy each other’s images while getting to know other photographers, both professional and amateur.

Q: I’m no longer in Senegal. Can I still participate in #15senegal?
Please do! If you’re in Senegal, you can take photos here each day of the event, starting February 1st. But if you’re not here anymore, you can certainly choose and post from your collection of Senegal images.

Q: Can we use images that are posted for presentations or projects on Senegal?
You’d need to first contact the photographer for permission and also ask how they want to be credited if you use the image.

Q: What if I just want to look, but not take photos?
That’s fine too! Feel free to participate however you’d like. And remember that the photographers would love to know if you appreciate their images, so leave comments on blogs, RT on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, etc…

The best place to start is by joining and following on our Facebook Group Page. Click away!