Picture 19
All henna-ed up!

Take a handful of sweet pre-teen and teenage girls. Add three, um, just slightly-older-but-still-totally-hip womenfolk. Bring in one henna artist, a platter of cupcakes and some of Jeana’s amazing cheesy nibbles. Throw in some live entertainment… And call it a party!

Picture 8
Each design is different.
Picture 26
Rachel’s wrist-to-fingers design
Picture 22
There may have been some girly chattering going on. Just a little…
Picture 13
A bracelet-style design
Picture 4
The live entertainment for the party.
Picture 17
Stars and swirls
Picture 15
She’s got stars in her eyes…and her ears.
Picture 18
Jeana’s design has her husband’s and sons’ initials in it.
Picture 14
Bracelet henna
Picture 12
Got myself some neck ink.
Picture 11
And fingernails!
Picture 10
I got henna on my heels, neck and nails. I didn’t think through that it would mean sitting awkwardly without turning my head or moving my hands much.
Picture 23
I love this picture Jeana took of Pape and Dorothée while she was having her feet done with us.
Picture 20
The artist and his canvases