When Jenn and I sat down to plan the photo challenge (over coffee, of course), we thought a handful of bloggers might participate, maybe 8 or 10. So we were blown away when our Facebook group grew to over 400 members! Thank you to all who participated.

Here are my photos from the #15senegal challenge:

Picture 3
Day 1: TRAFFIC. Taxi with an ‘anti-mort’ off the back end for spiritual protection
Picture 1
Day 2: RED. The bag Djiby from Malika Monkeys made and gave me for me birthday
Picture 2
Day 3: SWEET or SAVOURY. Breakfast bread from the buutik
Day 4: GROWTH, Lompoul Desert
“The desert will rejoice, and flowers will bloom in the wastelands.” Isaiah 35:1
Day 5: FEET. My friend Khady praying. (She gave permission for me to take this photo.)
Day 6: TIME. There’s an expression, “Toubabs wear watches, but they never have the time.” I don’t want that to be true in my life.
Day 7: DARKNESS. Rain storm blowing in over the Mosquée de la Divinité and the Monument to the African Renaissance
Day 8: SCENT. Bonfire by the ocean near the lighthouse
Day 9: WORDS Sabóor 25, ñeel Daawuda (Psalm 25 in Wolof)
Day 10: FRESHNESS. This was taken in the village of Miname, where I used to live. I was standing against my wall to take it. I love life in Dakar, but I miss this view and the people who shared it with me.
Day 11: CHILDREN. Bineta in Miname
Day 12: ARCHITECTURE Bricks in the stairwell give a view of the laundry drying out back
Day 13: MOVEMENT. Fishing boat leaving from Miname.
Day 14: 10 O’CLOCK. Morning in downtown Dakar from the second story of a fabric shop

The theme for today, day 15, is JOY. I haven’t taken my photo du jour yet, but am thinking I’ll be inspired by the latte I plan on having at Presse Café. We’re having a Meet the Photographers event this evening to wrap up the 15 days of Senegal photo challenge, award a couple prizes and talk about the plans for future photography activities. Hope to see you there!