Just how ‘toubab’ are you?

Take the quiz below to find out just how much of a toubab (slang for ‘white person’) you are.

Picture 6

1. Your coffee if served:
a. from a Keurig.
b. from a coffeemaker is there’s power, a stove-top moka pot if there’s not.
c. in a tan-colored plastic cup, which you may or may not toss on the side of the road.

2. When you hear someone talk about their new ‘booboo’, you:
a. reach for a Band-Aid.
b. think of the one hanging in your closet that you wore to that baptism/party/holiday thing. What was that event anyway?
c. switch your chew stick to the other side and wondered what quality the bazin fabric is.

Picture 12

3. Before eating fruits or vegetables, you first:
a. check with the server/your cook to be sure they have been properly cleaned, bleached, peeled and/or boiled.
b. quick dip/soak in water with a splash of Javel.
c. run them under water to rinse off the dust. Maybe.

4. Taking a Dakar taxi is:
a. an adventure!
b. much nicer than a St-Louis taxi.
c. ridiculously overpriced.

Picture 3

5. Vermoxx is:
a. on the night stand next to your Méflaquin tablets.
b. your best friend every six months or so.
c. something sick people take.

6. Time to relax! We’re headed to:
a. The King Fahd.
b. La Voile d’Or.
c. The Surf Shack.

Picture 8

7. When a vendor gives you their first price, you can expect to barter down:
a. 10 to 15% and everyone leaves happy.
b. 30 to 50% and then promise to send all your friends to him in the future.
c. at least 50% and all in Wolof, which means you understood when his friend called you a cheapskate.

8. Your source for drinking water is:
a. France.
b. the Kirène factory or a double-bucket filter.
c. a girl with a bucket.

Picture 4

9. Bine-bines are:
a. perfect for decorating a child’s Christmas tree.
b. not to be worn around your neck. Don’t ask how I know this.
c. to be worn in no less that three strands. Glow-in-the-dark = bonus points.

10. The best burgers in town:
a. arrived early in the morning with your friend who just flew back from the US and brought you a bag of Burger King.
b. are at Time’s Café.
c. come with a fried egg and grated Emmental cheese.

Picture 11

11. To verify an Orange promotion, you can:
a. ask the fruit vendor.
b. check the orange.sn website.
c. look at the front page of the newspaper.

12. When you go to a friend’s house, you:
a. sit on furniture that was issued from the same place as yours.
b. notice some new décor and ask if it came from Orca.
c. take off your shoes and ask if you can charge your cell phone.

Picture 7

* Mostly A: Wàcc bees
You are toubab of the toubabs, a ‘new arrival’ as they say in Wolof. You’ve found a way to live comfortably (enough) in a new environment, which is no small feat. You may find the other toubabs flocking to your house to soak up the AC and iced beverages, drifting into relaxation to the gentle hum of your generator.

* Mostly B: Toubab bu nuul
You’re a Senegalized toubab. The wàcc bees are surprised by how you’ve gone local and the kaw-kaws aren’t quite sure what to think of your clinging to Western ways. The good thing is, you’re in a position to help introduce your wàcc bees friends to more of Senegal while giving your kaw-kaw buddies a chance to reconnect with their previous life.

* Mostly C: Kaw-kaw nga, dé.
You’re reading this from a cybercafé, aren’t you? Your knowledge and understanding of Senegal is impressive. (Odds are, you scoffed at some of these questions because my C options weren’t quite right.) You have a lot to offer newcomers as they learn and adjust… but you may need a toubab bu nuul to interpret for you as speaking complete sentences in English rekk is now a challenge for you.

So, just how toubab are you?

12 Responses

  1. Toubab bu nuul! I’ll take it.


  2. I guess I’m b. Although we’re c when it comes to hamburgers, we prefer the Surf Shack, and have chewed the ‘tooth stick’ before. ;)


  3. This is really funny! I found myself laughing out loud! So true, but honestly not sure I’m ready to be as hard core as a “c” toubab!


  4. I love 7b. Funny. I believe I recognize the lady in the last photo…and the kitchen in the background.


  5. Toubab bu nuul for me… great quiz Khadi!


  6. This is so great! I had to sit and think for a minute to remind myself what a Keurig is :P Right up there with learning about One Direction just two months ago…


  7. […] {slang for ‘white person’} living in Senegal… take this quiz if you’ve ever wondered (haven’t we all?) just how ‘toubab’ you really […]


  8. 1) I guess I come closest to B though I don’t actually own a coffee maker – we use a colander over a big glass measuring cup whether there is electricity or not. I cannot stomach the coffee syrup sold in the little tan cups though.
    2) C – without the chew stick, but boubous are my regular attire and there is plenty of talk about latest styles and fabrics
    3) B – unless, I have wacc bes guests, then I talk all the “proper” precautions,
    4) both B and C
    5) C – had to look up what it is.. and yes, I do believe we are overdue for the 6 month treatment
    6) Cap St. Louis for a day at the pool and a decent meal with good service
    7) B/C – I’ve rarely gotten 50% of the starting price, but it would be all in Wolof
    8) B if I’m at home, C if I am a guest in someone’s home – I’ll drink whatever they offer
    9) C – and don’t forget to soak them in incense first… not that I have first hand experience or anything ;)
    10) C – even when we make them at home, the kids ask for eggs (I have a feeling McDonalds just won’t cut it when we get back stateside)
    11) The newspaper? I’ve never gotten that section around my baguette. The sign on the Oil Lybia door is always accurate though.
    12) C – Have a seat on the basan bi and ask for my cup of attaya :)

    So I guess, I’m somewhere between toubab bu nul and kaw kaw. That works for me. :)


  9. I love your blog ! And especially this quizz, since I also live in Dakar (it’s gonna be time soon for cafe Touba). Please visit mine :


    have a nice day !


  10. […] {slang for ‘white person’} living in Senegal… take this quiz if you’ve ever wondered (haven’t we all?) just how ‘toubab’ you really […]


  11. I’m a C although I think I am secretly somewhere between B & C since my Wolof is still not up to par. Although I’m not afraid to do it all in Frenlofish! I actually had to chuckle at myself recently when I realized I am no longer afraid to ask to charge my phone when I enter a stranger’s house, office or shop!


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