Irony: Breaking your front tooth right after spending a week with a dental team. I fell this afternoon while running on the ocean road, probably distracted by the gorgeous day. Or a fly.

Embarrassing: According to witnesses, I didn’t even try to break my fall. Just face-first into the asphalt. Not surprising, just embarrassing.

Wonderful: Being with my running buddy Julie, who is also a doctor, at the time. She checked me out on-site and then cleaned me up.

Funny: I literally had to floss out piece of gravel.

Really funny: Seriously. Not a single scratch on my hands. Julie said she saw my arms go behind me as I fell forward. No attempt at all to stop myself.

Connected: Cheikh has a work-friend here in Dakar who is an orthodontist and his parents are dental surgeons. Score. I have an appointment at 9am.

Sweet: Julie called Cheikh and he met me on the road with a bag of frozen mushrooms for my busted lip.

Bummed: I tore the knees of my new running pants.

Thankful: I have 27.5 healthy teeth in my head and 1 gram of Ibuprofen in my system.