Picture 1
A view on our run this morning

1. Old maternity t-shirt = nice long top to wear running in a Muslim country.

Picture 2
Does this count as running off-road since the pavement is no longer, um, effective?

2. The ice cream place down the street delivers. (Note: also to be filed under ‘bad to know’)

3. According to a Senegalese friend, leaving the house without earrings is as under-dressed as leaving without shoes.

4. Fatayas + guacamole + salsa = triple yum.

Picture 5
Peanuts with peanuts, seasoned with peanuts.

5. Give a toddler two handfuls of styrofoam packing peanuts and get 20 minutes of uninterrupted ‘me time’ to drink your coffee while he demolishes every last piece.

Picture 4
100% whole wheat muffins. 2 c ww flour, 1 T b powder, 1/2 t salt, 1/6 c sug, 1/4 c oil, 1 c milk, 1 egg.

6. Good recipes for 100% whole wheat muffins, tortillas and bread do exist.

Picture 3
1.5 liters of laie caillé made about 3 cups of ‘cream cheese’.

7. Strained whole milk lait caillé makes some pretty amazing fresh ‘cream cheese’. Will keep you posted as to how this cheese works for cheesecake!

8. Marché Kermel in downtown Dakar is a food-lovers dream. And the Asian supermarket across the street sells fresh tofu daily, but is often sold out by 10am.

9. There’s a one-day photo challenge happening RIGHT NOW over at #15senegal!

Picture 6
Just be sure to hide the arm holes!

10. A lightweight tank top can be worn as an infinity scarf.