“Eh, les gazelles…” It’s just a slight notch above a catcall, but doesn’t have the appeal that some men think it does. Nonetheless, it’s a phrase women in Senegal hear often from admirers.

So in a spirit of mockery to make these calls a little less irritating, we’re twisting the gazelle (no need to call PETA) into a complimentary term for elegant, smartly dressed ladies. From here on out, it’s on our terms.

In The Gazelle Skirt fashion blog we aim to honor, elevate and admire the creativity and beauty around us. Sometimes it will be deep, and other times just silly. That’s part of the fashion experience though, isn’t it?

Join us as we share our fashionable, and not-so-fashionable, experiences. We hope you’ll share yours as well. Meet up with us on Facebook and everywhere else using #gazelleskirt. Email us at gazelleskirts@gmail.com.

But why ‘The Gazelle Skirt’?

Ideas and coffee were flowing. We sat around talking about fashion and its various interpretations where we come from and where we now live in Senegal, including the brightly patterned wax fabrics that feature surprising themes. Amy had recently modeled a skirt made from, of all things, a gazelle print. And we loved it!

So our ideas began to take the shape of a fashion blog.

Interviews, features, risks (successes and failures!), photos and more. Come join us as we share our experiences on this blog. Guest posts and topic suggestions are always welcome.

Meet the Gazelles

Amy is running tights, cowboy boots and Vlisco prints.

She’s a Texas girl with a heart just as big as her sunglasses. A marathon runner who fuels up on Dr Pepper and Mac-n-Cheese, her motto is “It’s either spectacular success or hopeless crushing defeat.” The same passion drives her advocacy and fundraising efforts to build schools in Northern Senegal.

Jenn is striped scarves, beaded accessories, rainbow fingernails and pointe shoes.

She runs a guesthouse in Dakar, and is affectionately referred to by her staff as the ‘ministre de l’intérieur’. Room by room, she is redecorating it to provide a place of rest and refreshment, accented with her signature bold colors. She met her husband in Bolivia and they lived in Guinea and in the Casamance before moving to Dakar.

Picture 3

And me? I’m henna on my feet, baby on my back, silver rings and tie-dyed pants.

I grew up in Côte d’Ivoire and have lived in Senegal for four years. Drawing on my experiences, I’m a media consultant for both profit and non-profit companies, working as an editor, writer and social media marketing developer. No matter where I am, my coffee mug, toddler and camera are nearby.