When it comes to taking roadtrips in Senegal, the toddler entertainment setup is a bit different than in the US. No personal movie viewing device with headset, no visitors’ centers to get out to stretch your legs and collect flyers on local areas of interest, no truckers to beg to honk their horns.

So we get creative.


My friend Jenn (yes, one of the Gazelles) tagged me recently on Instagram with the theme: what’s in your bag? The idea is to empty out your handbag and take a picture of the contents. I’m taking a slight detour and featuring the bag I packed for Pape to take on a roadtrip.

He very tactile, loves to touch things, open them, take them apart, see if they rip, etc… So his bag includes:

– an empty Burt’s Bees tin filled with play dough
– a small roll of tape
– one crayon
– a small lens cloth
– a Q-tip
– a piece of chalk
– a piece of aluminum foil
– an emery board
– cotton rounds
– some pieces of gauze
– a squirt bottle of water
– a piece of tissue paper
– a ring he likes to put on/take off
– some RLPCo business cards
– a tube of Carmex

Any other ideas?