Picture 1

The bad news
We came home from our lovely beach vacation with friends to no power and a Senelec repair truck at our building. Sinking pit feeling wondering how long it’s been off and thinking of our freezer full from the cow butchering of 2012.

The good news
The power came back on about two hours later, but right AFTER we had called to order pizza for dinner since I didn’t want to open the fridge or freezer. 🙂 I couldn’t have planned it better myself!

Picture 7
The beach at Domaine de Nianing
Picture 10
It’s snack o’clock somewhere.

Time as a family to just relax, go for walks, see the animals, swim…

The days of quietly reading a book by the pool are gone (for now)!

Picture 11
At last weigh-in he was 27lbs. I believe every ounce.
Picture 13
Hmm… he makes those 27lbs seem like nothing.

The surprising
The place we stayed had a sign posted saying that bathing suit tops were required for women. I’ve never seen that before since topless sunbathing has been so widely accepted for years.

The not-surprising
Not everyone obeyed the sign. (I’m talking to you, middle-aged Mesdames.)

Picture 3
Pool time
Getting my cuddles in while I can… before he’s fully awake.

8:30 each night
Pape asleep in his stroller, parked next to us as we sit down to dinner with friends. “We’ve really got this parenting thing under control!”

8:30 each morning
“Why has he been awake for two hours already?? Doesn’t he know we’re on vacation?”

Picture 2
Soccer time with Jeremiah and his brothers
Picture 8
I love the food. Lots of fresh fish and veggies. Oh, and yummy desserts and espresso.

Can’t get enough…
Sunblock, espressos by the pool and late-night talks.

Not in the mood for…
Moving fast. (Unless we were running, which was great out there.)

Picture 17
In case anyone was wondering about the scratch on his cheek… You see that stick? Yeah…
Picture 9
A woman carrying firewood on the beach as two guys bike past.

Running past a herd flock group of monkeys with their adorable little babies. So sweet.

Kind of ‘AACK!’
Cheikh telling me we were about to run between the crocodile ponds.

Picture 6
He obviously gets his running skills from me.
Picture 15
Women walking along the beach

I bought…
A gift for my friend Holly, to be hand-delivered this summer! (Ooh, suspense…)

I did not buy…
This super cute chaya-jumper at the giftshop. It was about $60 and I can have my tailor make it for about $15.

Picture 16
Goodnight, Saly.
Picture 4
Beautiful clouds in the morning

Be sure to pack…
Dressier clothes for dinner, more sunblock than you think you need and a small camera for capturing the impromptu, wonderful moments.

Leave behind…
That book you thought you’d read. 😉

And now, back home, we face Mount Laundry. But with electricity, at least!