Nope, it’s not a mistake. This post has nothing to do with Senegal. Well, it was written from Dakar, but other than that… no ties. It’s cent pour cent about France.

A photo I took at Madame Fenet's restaurant in Lyon... which you may see again soon!
A photo I took at Madame Fenet’s restaurant in Lyon… which you may see again soon!

It’s about the yearly rhythms that go from the leaves falling just after la rentrée to the wintery holidays with champagne toasts to summer trips for the juilletistes and aoûtistes, all punctuated by long pont weekends.

It’s about the meals, the conversations, the relationships and the activities that create these rhythms.

And it’s about choosing just the right scarf, inserting the correct witty expression and understanding why things around you are happening the way that they are so that you can relax and enjoy the rhythm of Life in France.

This first two books in the series
This first two books in the series

Yes, you’ve probably figured it out by now. The third book in the Kolibri Collection, Life in France, launches this week!

So right now, boxes and boxes of freshly printed books (I love that smell!) and shiny audio CDs are being delivered to a small town called Cogny, population 1,106, in the Rhône. From there they will make their way to distributors and bookshops across France, over to the UK, and then take a big leap to the US and even down to Australia. And many will make their way to Amazon – as in ‘dot com’, not as in ‘rainforest’.

Working on these books brings back my best memories of living in France, like Madame Fenet’s restaurant, which is definitely a local treasure you won’t find on any tours or in travel guides.

If you want to flip through pages of the book and see exactly what it is that I do (nope – I’m not a career blogger!) and what we appreciated most about life in la belle France, head over here.