Picture 74
The only fam photo from the trip. (Just ignore the globs of applesauce.)

A five-hour trip up to northern Senegal, whittled down to this sampling of photos. Happy scrolling!

Picture 67
Yeah. Traveling like this wouldn’t go over so well in the US.
Picture 15
You forgot to pack a _____? No problem. Someone will be selling one in the median between here and Rufisque.
Picture 35
Women carrying wood on their heads
Picture 21
Furniture store. Forget window displays. We want roadside displays!
Picture 51
A busy street after Friday afternoon prayers ended
Picture 23
So are watermelons in season yet?
Picture 37
Why yes, it is watermelon season.
Picture 40
More melons. Miles of melons.
Picture 24
A horsecart actually straddling the median. Nice.
Picture 61
A beautiful sight. He slept half of the 5-hour trip.
Picture 26
Iron workers making gates in a roadside shop
Picture 31
Babies on board
Picture 45
Palm trees near Thiès
Picture 73
Snack break!
Picture 47
Oh, look. More melons.
Picture 48
How many modes of transportation can you count in this picture?
Picture 46
In the passenger’s seat of the Figo
Picture 49
Bumper stickers are for babies. Here we paint the entire vehicle with blessings, saying, homages…
Picture 53
Sheep say ‘baaa’. Just ask Pape. He’ll tell you.
Picture 57
A small, open-air mosque. You see these all over, even in town.
Picture 14
This bus was moving, like full-speed cruising down the autoroute, with these guys still moving things around.
Picture 63
Walking uphill both way in the snow? Not quite. These kids walk kilometers in the African sun to get to school.
Picture 70
Gotta protect yourself from the sun.
Picture 59
Beep beep! Passing the not-so-raapides.
Picture 65
One of many, many mosques along the way. Someday I want to count them as we drive.
Picture 86
Beautiful green fields
Picture 25
Anyone need to buy tile?
Picture 68
Incredible amounts of trash in some areas.
Picture 69
Question: How many people do you think this truck was designed to carry?
Answer: Not this many!
Picture 83
This area we were headed into is the most densely populated in all of Senegal. And then we arrived and made it even moreso!