When I asked if he needed anything from downtown, my husband answered, “If you see a guy selling Q-tips on the side of the road, we’re almost out.”

Picture 7

I bought 2 kilos of lait caillé, which translates to over 4 lbs of soured milk yogurt. One is for snacking, the other is being strained to make cream cheese and ultimately a cheesecake.

While my usual stylist was in Germany, my husband gave me a haircut. And that included electric clippers.

Picture 1

I went to a little pool party for toddlers (and their moms) on my friend’s upstairs terrace. Why the terrace and not in the yard? So that we’re not running around in bathing suits in front of the guards and gardener.

In a complete shift of gears, I wrote an article on Senegalese lingerie on The Gazelle Skirt.

The giant 10lb tub of locally made peanut butter that lives in the kitchen is actually getting a little low. Time to order another batch from my neighbor’s house-helper.

Picture 2

I’m wearing layers and long sleeves. It’s 73 degrees. Dakar is unseasonably cool right now, so I am making the most of it… by wearing sleeves and not sweating. Also still enjoying layering shorter dresses over pants. Ooh, and lightweight scarves.

The Dakar Marathon is coming up. It’s actually a half-marathon, 10k and 5k. Julie and I are, well not exactly ‘training’ for the race. But we do talk about it every so often while we run. That should count for something, right?