Woven mats hanging from a building under construction
Woven mats hanging from a building under construction

You know how when you first start watching a tv show or movie in black and white, it takes a bit for you to adjust to the lack of color? I wonder sometimes if Pape will experience this when we travel outside of Senegal. Will the rest of the world seem pale in comparison?

Picture 36
Sitting, waiting, in the shade
Picture 1
Street vendor selling cleaning supplies
Picture 85
Trash in dumped in lots under construction
Picture 8
An overpass on the autoroute
Picture 16
Waiting for the bus
Picture 19
Painted pots at a plant nursery
Picture 81
The town of Saint-Louis
Picture 20
A woman carrying (a lot of) something on her head
Picture 22
Street corner market
Picture 52
A busy road cutting through the center of a village on a after Friday prayers at the mosque
Picture 55
Dresses displayed for sale along the side of the road
Picture 58
Public transportation between towns
Picture 82
Roadside laundry
Picture 60
Girls walking along the highway from one village to another
Picture 87
Fields along the highway
Picture 32
I love the interaction between the baby and the boy.