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Checking out a Casamance-style hand-woven scarf

Before my friend Lauren went back to the US, she introduced me to an amazing woman. Anne Marie is a Senegalese fashion designer and tailor who studied in France. We are obviously a good match, no? 😉 Okay, well at least a very fun match!

I’ve gotten to know her over the past year and am continually impressed by her ideas and vision, and also her desire to use very high quality African fabric in a very wearable way. I mean this both in the sense that her designs looks great on all ethnicities and also in that she uses smaller swatches of these fabrics as accents so that the ensemble is more affordable for the average shopper. (Cheikh likes that part too!)

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Jenn, shopping the racks

For months now I’ve been following Anne Marie’s progress as she worked towards opening her own boutique. As you can imagine, it’s a lot of work for a single woman to find the right location, get the work done on the place, get moved in, hire salespeople… oh, and make the clothes and accessories. Anne Marie is one busy lady and her hard work has paid off because… the Anne de la V. boutique opened last week!

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The woman behind the ‘Anne de la V.’ brand

Jenn and I went over today to check it out, talk clothes (I love, love, love talking to Anne Marie about African fabrics. So interesting.), do a little shopping and take some time to pray with her about the future of this business.

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Anne de la V. boutique

Anne de la V. boutique

Ouakam, Cité Asecna, near Brioche Dorée. With Brioche Dorée behind you, it’s four blocks down on your right. The boutique will be on your left.

Open Monday thru Saturday, 10am to 7pm

77 606 6162 (She speaks great English.)

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Anne Marie uses swatches of very high quality African fabrics as accents on Western styles
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Modeling one of Anne Marie’s newest items
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I love all the details!
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Hand crocheted and beaded sandals for 8,000cfa ($16). More coming soon in wax prints. I. Cannot. Wait.
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She looks like an experienced shopper, no?
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We both loved the wax print buttons on this blazer.
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One of my favorite ensembles made by Anne Marie: lightweight top accented with wax print, matching belt with rose knot, then three very different skirt styles that can be worn with it. All her idea. (Lauren – this is the fabric we bought together!)
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Jenn’s purchase!