The humidity and heat are rising noticeably each day. Fans and A/Cs are being dusted off and cranked up. Ice creams sales are skyrocketing.

I’ve got an idea! Who wants to go run a race through Dakar next weekend in the middle of the afternoon? Yeah, not the time of year or time of day I would have chosen either, but hey… At least there’s race for those of us who have been complaining that there aren’t races, right?

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The Dakar Marathon site has information and online registration, both in English and in French. There are still some questions bouncing around out there, so I called the organizers just now to see what I could find out.

Saturday, May 18th

2pm: Convocation for all participants at the place Sfax roundpoint near RTS (Radio Télévision Sénégalaise) at blvd Charles de Gaulle / ave Malick Sy.

After the convocation,  head to your race’s starting point.

  • 2km: stay at the Sfax roundpoint
  • 5km: near the British Embassy by the Corniche Est
  • 10km: stay at the Sfax roundpoint
  • 21km: stay at the Sfax roundpoint

You can view the race routes here.

4pm: Races begin.

There are water stations every 5km.

All routes end at the place de l’Indépendence. Race you there!

What you need to know

  • Online registration is available now. Organizers recommend registering this weekend as an informational email will be sent out to participants early next week.
  • The entry fee is 1,000cfa (cash)and is to be paid before the race begins. The fee includes your t-shirt, access to water stations and sponges.
  • If you’ve registered online, bring photo ID.
  • This year’s race theme is the protection and education of Senegal’s vulnerable children, including talibés.