I ran out of sugar so went to the corner buutik. I came back with a kilo of the white(ish) stuff and also a very sweet surprise.

The return of hot season also means the return of power cuts. Which also means the return of – gasp! – not being able to use my coffeemaker. My very sweet friends and family stocked me in Starbucks Via, a great solution to those grumpy mornings when flicking the light switch on and off gets zilcho result, but the gas stove still keeps flaming.

But I counted recently and at the current rate of power cuts, things were going to get ugly.

Then on my trip to the corner buutik I saw a beautiful thing.


If you’re not familiar with it, Carte Noire is a really good French coffee. And it’s now available in little insta-packets for 100cfa just down the street! Sweeeet…