Step out of the building and into the shade of a tree. A few seconds later, wave my hand at a black and yellow taxi coming down our street. And then I think…


Oh good, he stopped. That means he has brakes.

He agreed on my price too easily. I must have been offering too much. Next time I’ll know better.

Oh good, the window rolls down.

Oh no, the window won’t roll up.

Brakes! Brakes! I thought he had brakes. At least the gas pedal works.

And the radio. Oh, how the radio works.

I’m tempted to ask him what those white lines in the center of the road are, just to see what his answer would be.

How is it possible that I only just now noticed I’m riding in a leopard skin car? All the seats. How many animals had to die for this?


KaBOOM! Speed bump. Or, ‘policeman napping’ as they say here.

‘Death by roundpoint’. That would be a catchy movie title, no?

And we’re stopped. Totally stopped. Traffic is centimetering along on what should be wide open road at this time of day. Time for some window-shopping. A game of Scrabble? Bag of local cashews? Air freshener? Stuffed tiger wearing a party hat?

Scooters and motorcycles are zooming between the cars.

It’s getting hot. Good thing that window is permanently open.

There’s a sign ahead for horsecarts crossing. Are those new?


Ah, it’s accident that caused the blockage. Ironically, one vehicle is an ambulance and the other a management vehicle for public transportation.