Picture 6

– The restaurant has ice, but not sure if the water used to make it was filtered.

– Bought an awesome new bracelet at the market, then found out it’s a gri-gri (fetish).

– Your toddler snaps his fingers at you to get your attention. Totally appropriate in Senegalese culture, not so much in American.

Picture 7

– Brand new air-conditioner, but the power is cut.

– Your friends’ kids call you ‘Tata’ (Auntie) and you have to reply while keeping a straight face.

– The neighbor offered to come teach your toddler how to play the djembé (drum). But it wasn’t the toddler he heard… it was you.

Picture 2

– The tailor keeps making your pants too short.

– You get text messages that look like this:

jaajef sama xarit jeve pace cesoir come dabitide merci.

And have no idea what to reply.

– Bread keeps molding because there aren’t any preservatives in it.

Picture 3

– The new restaurant across the street has soft-serve ice cream! But the machine broke the first day they were open. (Credit to Jenn on this one.)

– Mangoes are rotting in the yard because the tree is so full of them.

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Picture 4