… when we got pulled over as soon as we started driving home and the policeman asked us to take his boss to Dakar, so we drove a regional officer 260 kilometers across Senegal?


… when we took the horse cart tour of Saint-Louis and the  guide pulled not-even-two-year-old Pape up to the front and gave him the reins and let him think he was driving us around?

… when we found our first ever (practically) deserted Senegalese beach? Sigh.

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… when we stopped to buy so many mangoes on the side of the road that we brought bags of them back to Dakar?

… when we took the party from the beach to the pool, then from the pool to the beach, and back and forth until we were all too tired and pink-shouldered to go on?


… when we saw camels and monkeys just chillin’ along the road?

… when we dodged bees and a snake during the day and swooping bats at night?


… when the kids played ‘cooking’ in the sand and built a fort from branches? (Before the snake part.)


… when we walked all that way down to the sandbar, kids and babies in tow, and ran around it like a bunch of crazies, then saw the Fulani shepherds were watching us with fascination as their cows walked along the beach?


… when between two couples we brought four ways of making coffee. (Moka pot, Via, espresso sticks, Aeropress + gas flame) Can’t be too careful since good coffee is essential to a good time!

"Happy DAH Day!"
“Happy DAH Day!”

PS – We stayed at the Niokobokk in Gandiol. Loved it! Great for small groups and families.