No more last-minute meeting up with friends at the beach.



No more watching the approaching rainy season and getting hopes up with every dark cloud.



No more plates of thiebou dieune. (Then again, we probably could find it in Atlanta if we were willing to pay that price for it!)



No more playdates with Lily and Elevira. Little ladies’ man, you.



No more sand everywhere and in everything.


Picture 2

No more wearing stuff like this. Well… probably not.



No more exploring on the lava rocks in Almadies.



No more impromptu lobster dinners because a guy showed up selling them at the door.


Picture 1

And, ironically, no more Obamania, seeing as he arrives just hours after we fly out. By the way, this giant painting is just up the street from us. Awesome.


I know this post may seem just a wee bit dramatic, but it really feels as if in 42 hours we will be closing of a very happy chapter in our lives. The good news is that the next chapter has grandparents, pizza, nieces and nephews, Target and Starbucks. And the even better news is that the chapter after that will feature many of our friends and our home here in Senegal. So looking forward to all that lies ahead!