The water shortage crisis continues in Dakar for the third week and the risk of cholera is becoming a serious danger. But there are ways that everyone can help.

Going to refill our buckets yesterday evening

If you are in Senegal…

I asked a doctor friend here in Dakar what the best thing that people/organizations can do to help (other than share what water they can) and she said buy and distribute Aquatabs, explaining to people how they work as you give them. They are inexpensive tablets for purifying water that are available at grocery stores, pharmacies and even buutiks and gas stations.

You can also send the following text message in Wolof to Senegalese friends to share the need for them to use Aquatabs in their water and that they are easily available.

Salaamaalekum mbokk yi! Nungi yéggal kepp ku jot ci xibaar bi,na ko jotelli askan wi. Ci mbirum ndox mi la, bala ngeendi ko jeffandiku, ne ngeen ko setal ak “Aquatabs”. Mën ngeen ko jënd ci bépp pharmacie ak butik yi te yomb na lool. Sama xaritu doktor moo ma ko yéggal. Jërëjëf.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 3.59.03 PM

If you are outside of Senegal…

You can purchase Aquatabs and FedEx them to us to distribute, or if you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation towards the purchase and distribution on a local level, email us for information.

Consider getting your school or other organizations involved!

Thank you, Jëre jëf.