We’ve been back for just over two weeks now and are finally getting back in the swing of things. The water shortage continues to be a challenge, but oddly enough, even it has become ‘normal’ in some ways.

“Salam malecum, peace be upon you. How is your family? Is your body at peace? Do you have water? I know, I know…”

The most popular bath accessories in Dakar

It’s part of every everyday conversation.

We’ve also started to act on water-shortage auto-pilot as well. Each morning we take our empty buckets and go fill them up at a (very kind, wonderful, blessings upon them) neighbor who has a reserve tank that fills at night. We’ve perfected the art of bucket baths and I’ve learned to heat a big bowl of water in the microwave to add to Pape’s bucket bath so he doesn’t holler and fight his way out in a Johnson & Johnson’s bubble-headed fury. We get as many uses out of each bucket as we can before sending it on its way out via the toilet.

Despite the fact that we haven’t been able to do laundry in our apartment for over two weeks, someone is still getting as dirty as usual… as shown here eating an ngalax popsicle, made from the fruit of the baobab tree peanut butter and millet. Shh… He thinks it’s ‘eye-keem’.

But the part that is really still mind-blowing and we haven’t gotten used to is the incredible outpouring of generosity from so many! After the last post, we started getting emails and messages from people literally around the globe – some we knew and some we didn’t – and they all wanted to help. Thank you.

Other than the water situation (See? I told you it was part of every conversation.) we are getting our feet back under us and rolling with life here. One of the highlights for me has been restocking the fridge and freezer! I’ve ordered from Abdou who delivers fresh seafood, Marie who delivers freshly baked goods, Diami who delivers the best ceebu jen under the Senegalese sun, and Shady & Mirna whose Lebanese food I could only dream about this summer. We may not have water, but we have hummus!