Eid Mubarak, everyone!

The scent of ram roasting and couscous steaming, the friendship, rounds of bubbling of tea, the laughter, intricately designed outfits that dazzle from heat to toe, the requests for forgiveness and kind wishes of blessings shared from neighbor to neighbor for the coming year… There are many reasons to enjoy celebrating the Tabaski holiday (Eid al-Ahda as it’s called in much of the Muslim world) in Senegal.

My parents bought him this outfit in Afghanistan. His favorite part is the sparkly ‘backpack’ (vest).

But I have to be honest, in my current state of being three months pregnant and recovering from a fierce bout of food poisoning, I am really enjoying the fact that electricity will likely be good (meaning on!) this week surrounding the holiday. The last half of October is generally the most miserable of the year and I am soaking up as much AC as I can from my couch-bed-infirmary. The prognosis is good, although not good enough for us to go out visiting friends today as we would have liked. Nonetheless…

Deweneti! Bal ma akh! Eid Mubarak to all our friends celebrating Tabaski today!

May God bless us and our families, may He be our peace and our joy, and may we know His love more than ever in the year to come.