Lessons I learned this Thanksgiving…

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You can substitute powdered milk + water for evaporated milk in pumpkin pie recipes. But that step where you mix up the milk before pouring it into your purée is pretty key… unless you want milk chunks nestled in your pie.

Although there is a ban on importing chickens, you can still bring in frozen turkeys in your luggage from Spain and honey baked hams from the US. Gobble, gobble, oink.

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When making a mini-Thanksgiving meal to take to your Senegalese neighbors, be sure you thaw chicken legs and not wings. Oh well. I said ‘mini’, right?

It may be November and you may be eating turkey, but be prepared to wear short sleeves and sandals in any case!

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If left unmonitored, our oven will, in fact, heat to 550 degrees. Good news for future homemade pizzas. Not so good for my pie.

As of a couple weeks ago, you can now buy locally grown real orange sweet potatoes in Dakar! No more adding orange food coloring + sugar to the white variety.

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Don’t sign up to make the same dessert as Jeana for the big Thanksgiving meal. It’s just way more pressure than any baking mortal should put on herself. 😉

Hardboiled eggs that are allowed to chill overnight in the fridge really do peel much better! Score one for Google.

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Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much pumpkin cheesecake in your fridge. Come help us fix this problem!

You know it was a good party when your kid comes home wearing just a diaper and all his clothes are in a plastic bag. Thanks, everyone!

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