Went to the Surf Shack. (Fried shrimp appetizers = two thumbs up!)

My parents arrived early on Christmas Day and we’ve been going non-stop since then. This comes as no surprise if a) you know my mom, b) you know how much coffee my Dad and Cheikh drink. Oh, and let’s not forget the energetic little guy running around in the mix as well. Meanwhile, the five-months-pregnant one has been holding her own, if I do say so myself.

We hung out with this guy.

In their free time, my dad and Cheikh have fixed two toilets, bought/returned/re-bought/mounted lights for the kitchen, ordered a bin from a basket weaver (more on that later…), upgraded some lightbulbs, got the water pump fixed, hung some storage contraptions in the bathroom…

Cruised around to see the sights and views

Meanwhile, my mom and I have Pinterested storage jars, reorganized my cupboards and the toy closet, dyed the living room curtains blue, had curtains made for the bedroom and bathroom, put away the Christmas decorations, planted an herb garden, sorted outgoing baby boy clothes and incoming baby girl clothes, bought fabric at HLM market and made my tailor very busy (more on that later!)…

fegg jaay
We went to the fegg jaay (shake-n-sell clothing market). More on that later…
Took a Sunday afternoon walk through Les Almadies
Shopped a couple markets. Apparently my Dad is a big hit. He has many ‘friends’ everywhere we go.
Bought lots of fresh produce… including THE very first sweet corn of the season! A good month earlier than last year. Works for me!
Went exploring in Les Almadies
Someone found Mimi’s Chapstick…
Exploring 2
And explored some more!
More views and overlooks…
My parents finally got to eat lunch from Shady Shack!!
And more walks…
To another overlook!
And we even worked in a little art time on his favorite canvas. Self.

Tomorrow we’re off the the Ile de N’gor!