Apartment living with a wild and crazy toddler can be a challenge. You definitely have to get creative!

photo 1

Our most recent project was a sandbox for the balcony. But instead of a box, we had a large wicker basket made. And instead of sand, we filled it with sea shells. Much less mess on the balcony, much less sand coming into the apartment! Plus, Pape loves to sweep and shells are a lot easier for him to actually get into the dust pan than sand.

photo 1
It’s a hit. Who wants to come play?

For the basket, we walked up the street to a guy who makes wicker furniture. It took some explaining, sketching, charades and finally just hoping we communicated what we wanted… but it worked! About ten days later, we had a basket that fits under the bench on the balcony.

The sea shells were much easier to get. (Random bonus of seaside living!) Our friend Malik is a gardener and when Cheikh explained what we wanted, he knew exactly what to buy and where since these shells are often used in landscaping. What we weren’t expecting was that Malik gave us the bags of shells as a gift for Pape. So the sandbox seashell basket is even more special to us now! Thank you, Malik.

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