photo 4
Heading to breakfast by the pool. I could eat like this every day…

Actually, life is thankfully fairly problem-free these days. The weather is great, the electricity and water have been staying on, work is going well… but when you have the chance to quote ‘What About Bob’, you take it.

photo 5

We went away for a quick weekend get-away to Saly with our German-American comrades and their kiddos. Their daughter is in preschool with Pape and (yay!) they will be in Dakar for many moons to come. So you can expect to see much more of them on here!

The guys

In addition to picking a great place to stay, Steffen also suggested we do lunch at the nearby Bandia Game Park. We hadn’t been since they opened the new restaurant area and it is awesome! Like ‘worth the drive from Dakar just for lunch and letting the kids see some animals’ caliber of awesome. So over really good steaks and pizzas, we watched the monkeys swinging around (and real monkeys too), crocodiles sunbathing and swimming and antelope grazing. Definitely something to add to the list of things to do when we have people come visit! Or you know, we just need a vacation from our problems… 😉

Bougainvillea and palm trees
Ah, finally… a vacation from our problems!
Taking a dip in the pool
photo 2
He was pretty excited to (pretend to) ride a ‘water motorcycle’.
Playing in the water
photo 3
Early dinner for the kiddos, then after a bedtime, an amazing three-course meal delivered to the bungalow for the adults. Per-fect.
photo 3
Bungalows at sunset
The restaurant at Bandia Game Park
How many monkeys in this photo?
Lunch at the Bandia restaurant – highly recommended!
Wildlife across from the restaurant
The fam… and a monkey.
Crocodiles across the way
Entertainment for hours!
Plotting something, I’m sure!