Fam out front
Fam photo in the courtyard of our building.

Taking a horse cart ride through the neighborhood was a bit weird. Toubabs during pregnancy can be a bit odd. Even the way we do our laundry may seem unusual.

But just in case our neighbors don’t think we’re weird enough, we’re giving them another reason to reconsider.

Just chillin by the electrical cabinet.

I’d been wanting to have some maternity photos taken and my friend Jenn is now back on Senegalese soil, along with her camera. Perfect. Now we just needed a venue for these family photos.

I’ve seen some great photos on the beaches, in front of colorful pirogue boats, on the rocks of Almadies, even along the coast near our neighborhood. But none of them really felt like ‘us’. So then I had what may be the best (or possibly worst) idea ever: take the photos in the empty space back behind our apartment.

Fam photo by the laundry line out back.

Here are my reasons behind this possibly great idea for a venue:

– Local vibe. Crumbly wall, some barbed wire, dry patches of dirt, probably some trash…

– Color. Odds are good there will be some laundry out to dry in the background and there may even be a couple sheep wandering in and out of the shots. (Also some graffiti back there uses some pretty colorful language.)

– Convenience. When you’re trying to get a toddler, a pregnant lady and a guy who doesn’t like to have his picture taken ready for a photo shoot, convenience is important.

– Fun! Why not? Worst case, we wind up with some fun memories and photos with the worst background ever. At least we’ll be smiling!

K barbed wire
Cause every maternity shoot needs barbed wire.
I love this one.
The stairwell in our apartment building.
K door
This storage room out back.
Just a liiiitle bit windy!
Anyone who’s been in Africa knows these bricks!
Jenn got some great ones of him!
At the top of our stairs.
Fam photo with the French military base wall behind us.
The stairwell in our apartment building.
Bonus: There was even a horse out back!