The rumors have been circulating and have now been confirmed by official sources: more water cuts in store for Dakar. The plan is for water to be cut starting Thursday morning and for it to come back on Sunday morning. (The inchalla, meaning ‘God willing’ is implied).

Anyone else chuckle when they read that SDE has a 'master repair plan'?
Anyone else chuckle when they read that SDE has a ‘master repair plan’?

So what have I been doing to prepare? Here’s a sampling…

  • Checking to be sure every water bucket and storage container is full to the brim.
  • Washing every item of clothing, sheets, towels, etc… that I possibly can. This includes baby clothes because you just never know how things might escalate or how long these things will last…
  • Doing messy crafts with Pape while we still have water to clean up afterwards.
  • Letting the water run just a little bit longer than needed while brushing my teeth, just because I can.
  • Watering the plants.
  • Filling all our available bottles with filtered drinking water.
  • Washing dishes as they are used so there’s no pile-up.
  • Mopping floors, then closing windows to keep out the dust.
  • Making ice.
  • Washing lettuce and soaking fruit & veggies.
Water prep
Anything I forgot?

Oh, and an extra-long hot shower. ‘Cause twice the water means the clean lasts twice as long, right? 😉