So this was a fun little sign to come home to this evening.

Welcome home! Here’s what you missed…

Remember last week when we took family photos out back behind our building? Apparently a cobra was killed back there. An adult cobra, as the sign posted in the entryway of our building specifies.  Shudder, shudder…

This has been our topic du jour (well, du soir) ever since Cheikh told me about it. The sign is informing residents that as a result of finding the cobra, an urgent meeting has been called and we are invited to attend. Actually we even got a hand-delivered invitation to the meeting tonight.

My mind goes a lot of directions from here:

  • Having grown up in Cote d’Ivoire where snakes were common, eh, what’s the big deal?
  • As a mom of a toddler, AAACKKKK!!!
  • Why did they cut the snake in half? Unless you crush its head, it can still bite you.
  • What does one wear to an urgent snake discussion meeting? Python shoes to show support?

One thing was sure, this little happening was going to make the blog. So I sat down to type out this post… Type, type, ty-WHAT?!

I reread the sign, then reread the invitation.

Apparently the snake was killed back on March 14th! That’s three days before we took our family photos out back. Which means that those day-laborers who were back there hauling off branches and debris and pulling up grass while we were photo-shooting were actually there as a result of the cobra finding!

A horse cart hauling off branches during our fan photo shoot

So just in case they didn’t think we were weird (and crazy) enough… three days after a big ol’ poisonous snake is killed back behind the building, we go hiking around with our toddler and pose for photos. Sigh.

Fam photos
Silly toubabs