Someone around here needs a passport. I’m not naming any names, but she’s seven weeks old, has chubby cheeks and sparkly earrings.


We made the appointment at the US Embassy, filled out the application and gathered all the required papers. The last thing left to do was get her mug shot taken.

The first place we went, well we never actually achieved ‘went’. Could. Not. Find. It.

The second place was the business center of a nice hotel that we’d heard did passport ID photos. Apparently that information was correct: They did them. But they don’t do them anymore.

Today we tried a third place, a hole in the wall with a digital camera + one white (ish) wall for ID photo backdrops + one scrawny decorative loveseat with choice of two curtain backdrops for ooh-là-là style portraits.


Tempting as it was to get a few shots of Ndeye lounging on the loveseat, we stuck with the to-do list and just requested ID photos.


Say cheese!