We have a new addition around here. It’s called “the screened-in porch”.

I plan on perfecting my sweet tea recipe, getting some kind of rocking or gliding thing to set my tush in and passing the hours away out there. And of course, there will be lazy Saturday morning breakfasts, Sundays’ traditional Shady Shack take-out and late evening talks over something made of cream and ice. We’ve got potted plants growing, passion fruit vines climbing and a giant basket of seashells for the kids to play with. There’s even been talk of a family camp-out, but I’ve tried to ignore it.

This all sounds lovely doesn’t it? And it is.

The view from our new "screened-in porch"
The view from our new “screened-in porch”

But sadly the motivation for this “screened-in porch” is an increase in crime and we needed to up our security. It was a hard day when we arrived at the decision to have iron bars installed all around, but in the two weeks since then we’ve heard plenty of reports that confirm that it’s a good decision for our family. I’ll be honest though – I’ve cried mourning both the loss of our feeling of safety and our view.

In order to soften the blow of losing our beloved unobstructed view of the ocean, I asked for two things:

  • that the bars be painted white, not black.
  • that screens be built in so that instead of ‘life behind bars’ I now feel like have just added more living space that we can make use of as a family and with friends.

So… who wants a refill on their sweet tea?