Chick Fil A birthday party under a mango tree

1. Be REALLY motivated.
One example of motivation might be your husband’s birthday, particularly if your husband prefers memorable experiences over expensive gifts AND if he’s a die-hard Chick Fil A fan.

Kaylyn, Shawn and Travis at CFA Sandwich Central

2. Get your team in place.
The idea of having a Chick Fil A party in Dakar may have been mine, but the key player in this whole thing was my mother-in-law in Iowa. She’s the one who shipped over A HUGE BOX of Chick Fil A goodies including sauces, ketchup and mayo packets, little salt & peppers, peppermints, napkins, straws, placemats, bags, sandwich wrappers… even the Chick Fil A hand wipes!

Table 2
Thank you, Penni!

Here on the ground, we needed a place to party (chez Hopkins!) and some party-ers. And well, if you know the wild crew we run with… Check and check.

Making the magic happen
Making the magic happen before the guests arrived. Thank you Shawn &Jenn!

3. Get the food!
The highlight of course was the sandwiches. For this, we have to thank Shady & Mirna! Shady Shack‘s chicken tenders are phenomenal and their buns are the best I’ve ever eaten. (Special thanks also to Shawn & Jenn who coordinated picking up the order and putting together the sandwiches!) And on behalf of the dill pickle lovers among us, a big thank you to The American Food Store in Dakar.

Danielle, Julie and Jenn chowing down on some Chick Faux La
Danielle, Julie and Jenn chowing down on some Chick Faux La

Add a double-batch of our favorite cole slaw recipe, hot French fries delivered from a restaurant down the street, freshly squeezed limeade and sweet iced tea and top it all off with super chocolatey brownies (thanks, Mom!) and ice cream.

Our crew
This may be a first in West Africa…
Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 10.43.40 AM
Let the summer festivities begin! All ideas welcome…

If you don’t live in Dakar and can’t get Shady Shack’s awesome chicken and buns, but still want to have a CFA party, this recipe for Chick Faux La is pretty awesome and tastes authentic too!