Rainy season 2012

I lost a bet on when the first rains would come. We hadn’t seen a drop since last October and I was sure the rains were coming early this year, but it seems that:
a) I was wrong.
b) I owe Jenn an ice cream.

There was a sprinkling rain on Tuesday morning, but I missed it cometely since we were indoors doing a toddler djembé drumming class. Even if it had thundered, I think the sound would have been drowned out!


The forecast for the next 48 hours calls for serious thunderstorms. (Although the weather site I was looking at also mentioned ‘cloudy skys’. Hopefully their meteorologists are better at weather predictions than spelling.)

While part of me would just love a big, booming storm to wash away all the accumulated dust and green things up, the other part has seen the anxiousness in my friends’ eyes when we talk about the rains coming. Flash floods in the roads, flooding in ground level rooms, water leaking into homes from rooftops, windows and cracks in the walls, walls falling down when their sandy foundations wash away…

We are praying for Dakar this rainy season.