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Surprise! We had a visit from our son’s tuurando (namesake) who was down in Dakar for work and stopped by. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Pape, so all the talking and catching up carried us from afternoon into evening. All of the sudden I realized that it was nearing dusk, which meant he’d be breaking his Ramadan fast soon.

I was a little nervous, having never prepared an ndogou before. Fortunately I’d read an informative blog post recently (ha ha) and had an idea of what to prepare.

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Coffee with milk powder and sugar, bread with butter and cheese, some dried fruit and a BIG bottle of water.

Pape washed up and at 7:45pm when the call to prayer sounded from the mosque in our neighborhood, he rolled out one of our mats to face Mecca and began to pray. When he finished, the guys went out on the newly screened in porch to eat… and keep visiting and jabbering like a couple of schoolgirls. 😉

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