I don’t think I can count how many times a day my mind changes about life here. One minute it’s awesome and amazing, and the next it’s just frustrating and crazy and I’m ready to hop on plane outta here, but then things calm down and I’m surprised by something beautiful. Fortunately, the beautiful usually outweighs the crazy.


I woke up early because the power went off. The fan I keep aimed right at me stopped at it felt like the room immediately jumped 20 degrees. Ugh.

But then I had breakfast, which included fresh mango slices, fresh English muffins and peanut butter. (I buy the muffins and PB from Senegalese women who have started homemade goods businesses.) Yum!


I hopped in a taxi and bargained for a price of $3 to take me to my destination. Not bad. But then again, the springs from the backseat were poking out and the windows wouldn’t roll down. Not cool. Literally.

Mid-morning I had a perfect café au lait with friends, enjoying air-conditioning and an ocean view from one of Dakar’s nicest spots.


But I came home to find that we still don’t have any water (for the second week). So I changed from my cute toubab dress into grungy stuff and hauled our laundry down four flights of stairs and down the street.

Down the street is our very, very kind friends’ house where there is water and an open invitation. Every time we go there to drop off/pick up a load of clothes or take showers, I’m reminded of how awesome our community here is.


I got a phone call saying the water storage barrels I wanted to buy had increased in price by 50% due to high demand. I mentally added this expense to the hiring someone to carry water up to our apartment each morning.

The humidity broke late afternoon, so it was pretty comfortable in our apartment and the horizon was clear and beautiful, accented by leafy, green trees that have heard the promise of rains coming soon.


The day ended like it began – with a(nother) power cut.

But at least this time my fan was plugged into the back-up battery system and just kept on spinning!

Power cut