Q: What’s worse than power cuts and no water in hot season?

A: Power cuts, no water, hot season AND two kids with a stomach bug!

Yeah. Yuck. But what would be even worse would be not having a sense of humor about it all. 😉

One particularly challenging evening last week, after giving the kids bucket baths by flashflight, I commented to Cheikh that, “On the bright side, this is about as bad as it can get… And we’re coping and you and I are still friends!”

I read an article recently on the differences between the life we share on social media and the real life we live. (I think it was in a scholarly publication called Buzzfeed.) The idea, of course, is that we present a public image that is far more chic, put-together and polished than we actually are. So I decided that I would take some photos of #reallife and do a blog post on that.

However, I’ve decided stomach bug aftermath photos are just a leeeettle too #reallife for this blog.

(You’re welcome, by the way.)

Back in a bit. Gotta’ go run another load of laundry across the street and then come back to make a dragon costume, per the older sick one’s request.