Dakar scene

I never know what time my weekly organic produce delivery will show up.

Sigh. Why can’t I ever need phone credit on a 100% promo day?

These mangoes are too juicy and messy.

Five taxis just stopped to try to pick me up while I was trying to go for a run along the ocean road.

They forgot the little spoon when they delivered my two scoops of ice cream.

My tailor doesn’t know Anthropologie’s Legend & Song Dutch Wax Collection.

My farm-fresh eggs have poop and feathers on them.

My sweat is sweating.

I’m too tired to make it through all seven floors of Orca’s housewares.

Ugh. Jambon bœuf.

Bapribap doesn’t make grown-up sizes.

That guy selling inflatable kiddie pools in the median gave a starting price of 70,000cfa ($140).

The American Store is out of root beer. Again.

Sam’s Pizza or Yum-Yum? Noflaye Beach or the Surf Shack? Can someone just decide for me?

My bread always gets stale because it doesn’t have preservatives.

I sat in a 45-minute traffic jam caused by… – wait, does a horsecart count as ‘traffic’?

Shady Shack is closed for TWO WHOLE MONTHS.


AND… The corner buutik was out of Oreos and olive oil.

Remove tongue from cheek now. Well… for most of them at least! Any others to add?