I had coffee this morning.

Then I had more in the afternoon after a wonderful nap.

And I drank part of a Coke.

Then a super sugary cup of spicy café Touba at about 8pm.

So yeah, I’m going to be awake for quite a while…

photo 1
Playing with kids in the courtyard

This evening we went to break the fast or ‘ndogou’ at our friend Basse’s house. Cheikh had been there before but it was my first time meeting his family and being in their courtyard in the Yoff neighborhood. We arrived in time to visit before 7:48pm, ndogou o’clock.

photo 2
Basse and Bébé Ndeye

Taking the kids into Senegalese homes is (in some ways) so much easier than taking them to toubab homes. You know there will be other kids to play with, everyone watches out for them, they get to be the center of attention (where Pape was born to be) and they are allowed to be loud and crazy and silly.

This evening there were about ten kids in a courtyard smaller than my bedroom. The only ‘toy’ present was an old broken phone. We were there for over two hours and there was no fighting, no fussing, no crying. They just played… And were baffled and amused when Pape didn’t understand their Wolof or would speak to them in English/his made up Wolof-ish sounding language.

photo 3
Breaking the fast with café Touba

When 7:48pm struck, we drank café Touba and ate dates and little croissant pastries. (Pape had a steaming mug of milk and sugar with a chocolate filled pastry and that nearly sealed the deal that he wanted to stay there forever.)

photo 4
Steamed milk with sugar for this wild one

Next we ate a very impressive spicy rice dish with caramelized onions, grilled sheep, bell peppers, olives, merguez sausage, pearl onions, hardboiled eggs…

For dessert there were apples and bananas, followed by homemade sweet fruit drinks. And then for dessert-dessert, hanging out and visiting with Basse.

photo 5
Hanging out in Basse’s room after dinner