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The 30 days of fasting for Ramadan is over and was celebrated today (or yesterday, depending on which religious leader you follow). In Senegal, this holiday is called Korité, but most of the Muslim world calls it Aïd el-Fitr.

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Mariétou invited us to come celebrate at her husband’s family home in Ouakam. Turn at the mosque, follow the sandy path, pass the buutik, another mosque, then look for the sign advertising chickens for sale. That’s her brother-in-law’s business. He’s also a television repairman. Other brothers in the family are architects, electricians, surgical techs, carpenters… They’ve pretty much got it all – and all under one roof since the whole family lives together. Mariétou and her husband share a room with their four boys who are the most polite, well-mannered little young men. (Mariétou wouldn’t stand for less, I can assure you!)

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We went from room to room, greeting brothers, cousins, aunts, nephews, parents… Pape ran around underfoot with all the other kids, wrestling, singing into pretend microphones and sneaking bites of chicken from serving bowls that weren’t fully covered. Ndeye was passed around from arms to arms and hardly fussed at all the whole time we were there. (And even when she did, Mariétou swooped in to get her ‘petite princesse‘ before I could even cross the room.)

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We got home a little after 4pm and Pape crashed on the couch by 5pm. It’s almost 9pm now and he’s still out and looks like he’ll sleep through until tomorrow morning. (Happy Korité to us!)

My dress (aka the ‘toubaboubou’), Ndeye’s dress with bloomers and Pape’s boubou were all designed and made by Mariétou. She’s amazing. And she’s got a Facebook page for her couture!