Our weekly coffee date (minus Annica and Michelle)

Following this blog post that was going around a couple of weeks ago, my weekly coffee date girlfriends and I challenged each other to 24 hours of #igtruth. For those of you that aren’t fluent in hashtag, the idea is to share photos of real life. Not the stylized, cooler-than-thou stuff.

My friend Awa started us off with a(n always) hysterical look into her life.

And here’s my contribution…

1 pjs
Mornings are not my friend. Neither are these super-ugly shorts, but it was already over 80 degrees at 7:30am.
2 Alec bed
As I’m trying to get us all ready for the day, he’s insisting he wants to go back to bed. An option that would have been great at 6:15am when he first woke up…
3 bfast 1
Breakfast on the floor, next to the toddler who wants me to sing him songs so he can “go to sleep”. Coffee #1 is underway.
4 spit up
Hair: check. Make-up: check. Real people clothes: check. Baby spit up on my shoulder: check.
I'll just add that shirt to this teeny tiny pile of laundry...
I’ll just add that shirt to this teeny tiny pile of laundry…
6 sandals
New outfit featuring non-spit up shirt, wax print pants by Rama Diaw and custom sandals by Tony Alves. Feeling good. Let’s roll.
7 coffee radisson
Once a week, I savor every moment of kids-free café au lait with friends. It only lasts for about 87 minutes, but the conversation, laughter and ocean view are enough to recharge my batteries.
10 trash can
I came home to this. I have no idea. Super Trash Man? I love this kid.
8 lunch
2pm and I realize I should probably eat some lunch. Last piece of ‘banana cake’ it is. (Actually just banana bread baked in round cake pans and then frosted with peanut butter. But the toddler thinks it’s cake and that’s what counts.)
9 speculoos
Apparently (despite the lunch I laid out for him) he got hungry too. I found him scooping Speculoos cookie butter onto a banana. And no, he did not have permission for the butter knife, the cookie butter or eating by the laptop. But a recent parenting article I read suggested that instead of losing your temper, try taking a photo first. a) You’ll enjoy laughing at it later, b) Gives you time to cool off first.
11 water tray
On a cool, collected Mommy roll, I made up this water play tray for him.
12 water tray 2
Still wearing the blanket cape.
13 bidet
He wanted more water play. I sent him to the bidet with IKEA dishes. (Just in case you were wondering, that’s all our bidet is ever used for. That and washing matchbox cars.)
14 statue
Why yes, I do have a second child. She just often get out-seen by the toddler. While he was playing in the bidet, I laid down with her to get her napping. Just as she was drifting off, I heard something being pushed into the room. Superhero was pushing around the kitchen trash can and pulling out prized bits to distribute around the apartment. I got an empty Crystal Light packet on my pillow. Then he brought his baby sister this heavy wooden carving for her to snuggle with. I confiscated it.
15 bath paint
Tried the nap thing again with her. I directed him to the tile shower wall and gave him washable paints. No, really. It’s paint, not blood. Promise.
17 dinner dishes
Dinner time! I think we picked a good night to start working on the toddler’s table manners. He did great with his napkin, eating his salad with a fork… right up until taking the first bite of pasta and rather innocently announced, “Mom, dat not food. Dat trash.” And then folded his hands politely, waiting for me to propose another main course.
18 yvia bath
There she is! Bucket bath o’clock. I even heated the water in the microwave first, just to be fancy.
19 sunset
I love our view and Dakar does have some incredible sunsets.
20 pj tantrum
Pre-bed protest because I wouldn’t let him wear these pajamas. Nevermind that it’s 90+ degrees and they are winter pjs. Nevermind that it’s two pairs of pants, no shirt…
Let me eat cake! Bedtime treat / extra serving of veggies since it was carrot cake after all.
Let me eat cake! Bedtime treat / extra serving of veggies since it was carrot cake after all.
22 running
Early morning “run” with my little buddy. We did .8 miles in 42 minutes. It was an exercise in patience more than anything, but we had fun! And saw lots of rocks. And lizards. And sticks.
23 bfast 2
Back to breakfast, 24 hours later. My wonderful husband made me breakfast for after our run. But a little someone got to it before I could. Fortunately he didn’t drink my coffee!

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