One of the outer alleys of HLM market

Car door slamming
Horn honking
Woman laughing
Bus coming

Cross the street
Dodge the hole
Step over the puddle
Enter in

photo 1
“I’ll take this one. And this one. And that one…”

Narrow walkway
Vibrant umbrellas
Filled tables
Sitting vendors

Drinking coffee
Eating bread with chocolate spread
Come eat breakfast.
Next time, then.

photo 2
Annica, Ashley and Michelle stocking up

Hello, Madame.
Try this one.
Buy a necklace.
Buy a sarong.
Buy your husband a shirt.
What’s your price?

photo 3
Decisions, decisions.

Hello, Madame.
Try this one.
Buy a teapot.
Buy a bra.
Tell your friend to buy a skirt.
What’s your price?

photo 2
Danielle waiting as they cut a fabric we decided to share. (Spoiler alert: she and I are going to be twinsies A LOT in the near future.)

You speak Wolof.
What’s your name?
Are you Muslim?
Bébé… what’s her name?
Give her to me.
But I need another wife.

Café touba
Car exhaust
Fried beignets
Charcoal fire

Shopper’s paradise.

Beaded strands thrust in my face
Stacked t-shirts pressed into my arm
Fabrics spread to catch my eye
Buy a scarf.
Buy a dress.
Good price today.

Hello, Madame.
Try this one.
Buy a serving platter.
Buy your baby an outfit.
Buy some glow-in-the-dark lingerie.
What’s your price?

photo 4
My catch of the day!

Sound like fun? It is! More info here: 10 things to know about HLM market