Do take many quick showers. It’ll make you feel (temporarily) refreshed and also… you never know when the next water cut will be!

Don’t underestimate the power of a good fan aimed on you. Forget letting it oscillate. Point that sucker right at your face.

Do drink a LOT of water. If you’re not a fan of the clear stuff, try adding a splash of bissap to it or a squeeze of Casamance lime. Yum.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.41.15 AM

Don’t forget to make ice. It’s amazing how fast you go through it! Especially if you’re making emergency milkshakes.

Do get your hair cut off if you’re tempted. It makes the heat (and water cuts) more bearable, plus I’m always on the ‘Chop it all off!’ side.

Don’t turn on the AC. I’m serious. If you can tolerate the heat/humidity, do. You’ll acclimate faster and suffer less.

Do turn on the AC. If you need it, use it. No need to be a hot season martyr.

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Don’t think the beach is a good place to go on a hot day. At least not before 5pm. But in the evening, a little beach gathering may be just what you need to forget the day’s sweat heat.

Do run a bath in the afternoon. When the cold tap water is 100-plus degrees coming out of the faucet, let it sit in the tub a couple hours then take a soak in the evening or after exercising. It will have cooled off by then and feel… sigh… heavenly.

Don’t forget that many ice cream shops in Dakar deliver! (Even just one scoop.) Check Hellofood for an option near you.

Do reconsider your pjs. What I mean by that is on the hottest nights, put on a large t-shirt, hop in the shower to get wet, don’t dry off, sleep under a fan or on the cement/tile floor. #villagetricks

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Don’t stop exercising (or delay starting) because of the heat and humidity. Sweating for your health feels so much better than sweating just to sweat. And once you’re out there, it’s never rarely ever as bad as you think it will be.