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A couple hours ago, the Health Minister confirmed the first Ebola case in Senegal. To be honest, I’m still processing what this could mean and am not ready to go into that right now. There are just too many unknowns.

As I was receiving info left, right and center about the patient and whether or not the virus had been confirmed and how many days he’d been in Dakar, refreshing my Twitter feed and BBC’s webpage and firing off text messages and emails… my phone beeped and I saw this short reply from my husband:

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 5.25.42 PM

That perspective was exactly what I needed and am committing to.

It helped when a couple hours later I received an email from an expat friend who lives with his family in Guinea, which has been hit hard by this outbreak. He said that when Ebola was first announced, it was a great concern as there were so many unknowns. And of course, it is still a great concern in that many are dying. But through their experiences they have seen that it is very difficult for people to get Ebola unless they work with patients who are sick with Ebola or with dead bodies.

I also received this reminder in an email from a friend who is involved in medical work locally: “Fear is the enemy and prayer is a great weapon!”

These messages led me to do two things:

1. Resist the urges to bleach down every surface or start packing bags or feel mom-guilt for choosing to raise my kids in Africa or all the other panicky things I start thinking and feeling.

2. To pray for the patients and medical workers who are exposed to the virus. May God protect them and heal them.

Just for info…
Yesterday the WHO issued a roadmap to scale up international response to the outbreak. It aims to stop ongoing Ebola transmission worldwide within 6-9 months, while rapidly managing the consequences of any further international spread.

Where can I get updated news?
International SOS is an excellent site for updates and information about the outbreak.